We work according to decree 218 so you can rely on us for the purchase or sale of a property.

Decree 218

Buying a property

Selling a property


The process

The buying process starts long before our clients arrive to Spain. Before you get on the plane you already have an idea of what you are looking for and how much you are willing to spend. Many of our clients know the coast very well while it for others is a completely new area. If you have any questions about different areas and urbanizations along the coast, the distances to amenities etc. you are more than welcome to contact us.

We want to help you

advise you

We can guide you to find the property that you want and we will help you answer any question or doubt that you might have about the real estate market and the purchase of a property in Spain.

Visit a property

If you find an interesting property on our web site contact us to book a viewing.

Offer and negotiation

If you like to make an offer on a property we will forward that to the vendor and accompany you in the negotiation.

Signing of contract

For the signing of the contract we recommend both buyer and seller to have a lawyer that looks out for your interest.

See all information about the buying process.

Sell a property


When you have made the decision to sell your property we will come for a visit. During our visit we will have a look at the property, take photographs and determine the sales price. As the vendor you might already have an idea of how much you want to get for your property. On the other hand as real estate agents we know the market very well. To set the price we have to have a look of what is for sale in the same area and what has been sold recently. The properties that are for sale tell us what an interested buyer has to choose from in today’s market. The properties that have been sold recently tell us what price you can expect to get for your property. Our aim is to set a realistic and competitive price. We do not want to give you false expectations by setting a high price for which we cannot get the property sold.

We take care of the sale of your property


All properties are announced on our web site and on Resales, a database shared with the majority of real estate companies on Costa del Sol.

with clients

We will always accompany the interested buyers to your property

Offer and

We communicate all offers to you as the vendor. We can give you advise but the final decision is always yours.

Signing of contract

For the signing of the contract we recommend both buyer and seller to have a lawyer that looks out for your interest.

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Decree 218

Decree 218/2005, of 11 October, Andalusia is a regulation approved by the Junta de Andalucía. It is a regulation on consumer information when buying or renting property in Andalucía. For estate agents the new regulation means that we must have and be able to present more documentation relating to properties that are for sale. The regulations are intended to protect the buyer and ensure that they know exactly what they are buying. This is to avoid surprises once the purchase is finalised. This affects all parties involved in the purchase, both the seller and the real estate agent. The buyer receives all information in writing and has to sign for it. This avoids disputes arising after the sale and purchase about what information has or has not been given.

The documentation that is required nowadays is the same as before, with the only difference being that in the past this documentation was prepared when going to the notary’s office to sign the deed of sale. Nowadays it has to be presented by the seller at the moment he puts his property up for sale with a real estate agency. The documents are, for example, a certificate of debts issued by the town hall, a simple note from the land registry and details of the community of owners.

The buyer must also be clearly informed about the costs that are to be borne by the buyer when purchasing a property.

Amongst other things, for second or subsequent transfer properties the regulations state the following: “In compliance with Decree 218/2005, of 11 October, Andalusia, each property for sale has an Explanatory Note detailing the costs that will be incurred in the purchase of the property. A free copy of this Explanatory Note is given to any consumer who requests it”.

In compliance with Decree 218/2005 of 11 October, Andalucía, each property for sale has an Information Sheet which is given to any consumer who, through the intermediation of our agency, visits a property.

On receipt of these documents they must be signed by the client.

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